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Helpful Suggestions And Questions!

What is a HYIP?
A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment (Scam) method that promises Unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.

What Is a High-Yield Investment Program?
The definition of HYIP is ‘High Yield Investment Program’, but this definition won’t describe enough about HYIP. In reality, HYIP is a website where you’ll see an option to invest money to get high returns in a very short term. For example, 105% after 1 day. Most HYIPs are Ponzi schemes that pay old investors with the money of new investors.

The main target of HYIP creators is to run away with the highest possible amount he can collect from the investors. In this collection process, they need to pay existing investors until they collect that fund which is enough to stop the system now.

To maintain this ‘HYIP’ system many HYIP keeps paying to their investors (until they collect enough to stop the game) and that’s why peoples think that they have earned real profit from a HYIP.

Is there any safe HYIPs?
There is No Legit/Reliable or Safe HYIPs

Are HYIP programs safe?
Investing in HYIP programs is basically gambling. Therefore, it is not safe. A HYIP can at any moment stop paying its users. The admins of these programs are almost invisible. They use fake contact information, proxy servers, fake IDs and VPN programs to hide their true identity. When you lose your money on a HYIP scam it will be an almost impossible task to track them down.

Can we really earn in HYIPs?
YES - Of course! HYIPs can be very Profitable only if you know the right Strategy.

Is it possible to earn money from HYIP programs?
That being said, it is still possible to make money by investing in HYIP programs. The trick is to join a HYIP programs that are new but gaining popularity. There are a lot of ways to determine if a HYIP is going to be popular.

Is investing in HYIP programs legal?
Investing in HYIP programs is in a lot of countries not legal. However, the chances of being convicted for HYIP investments are very small since it is too much of an effort for law enforces to find out about it.

These Are The Basic Things: TIPS and RULES
Based on my experienced of investing in HYIPs , I bring to you the following tips that I ALWAYS look for before investing and please note that these are my own opinion only:

1. Early Bird Strategy - The OLDER the HYIP gets, the RISKIER the HYIP becomes You must be at the beginning of the HYIP.

2. Avoid Hour Word - Avoid HYIPs that have the word "hour" as part of their site name. Do not trust immediately to HYIPs that offer High hourly rates. I suggest to analyze the HYIP first before taking any action.

3. Avoid After Plans - Do not go for After Plans
(ex. 280% after 15 days) if you will do that, I suggest to go for that kind of Plans if the platform is new like running 1-5 days.

4. Diversify - Split investments into several HYIP sites instead of making one huge investment in just one site.
(Remember The Hearsay : Do Not Put All Eggs in One Basket)

5. Make Research First - If you are interested to invest, I would advised to always ask others opinion and do your own research first, before making that HYIP investment.

6. Invite - Try to make as much referrals as you can.
(Then reinvest after you take away your invested or capital.)

1. Invest ONLY what you can afford to lose .Do not invest what can hurt you or can damage your finance

2. Don't Be Greedy by staying in a site for too long know when to join and when to Quit (Hit-and-Run Approach)

3. Never "fall in love" with one project otherwise You loose a neutral perspective

4. Your money are better on your Wallet So , withdraw everyday

5. Join Sites That are 1 to 2 days old especially re than 5-8%.

HYIPs Checklist and Analysis!
1. Does the site has good and Unique design to attract investors
2. Is site Secure ? , Do they Have DDOS , SSL , etc..
3. Do they have Steady Flow of deposit coming in ?
4. Does the site have good domain Registry
5. Does the site have active Live support
6. Is the site easily understandable?

Interestingly, Many HYIP even keeps paying to their investors for a very long time, for years. You can see a list of HYIP which are paying from a very long time here - Most TOP Invested HYIPs